Vectorizing Artwork for Silk Screen Printing

For any screen print shop that is going to create artwork that needs to be cut out from a vinyl material, a vector file through vectorizing artwork is a simple and effective way to create the look and feel that is needed. For Digital printing purposes, however, the artwork made through vectorizing artwork cannot always be vectored and many times doesn’t need to be.

With digital printing, the artwork from vectorizing artwork is being printed out onto vinyl material. A high-resolution image that is large enough for the details to be visible will print out fine on vinyl. However, there needs to be a contour cut online around the image that the vinyl plotter can read. This contour cut is the vectored part of the image through vectorizing artwork. This will allow you to print out an exact image of what you are looking for and allow you to cut it out to the size and shape you need for your vinyl cutting needs.

Vectorizing artwork takes a black and white design, and makes it fully scalable and ready to use for print processes like letterpress, foil, and white ink printing. It’s also perfect for things like brand design, or sending digital files to design clients!